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  • Welcome! I'm so glad you found your way to my corner of the world wide web. I'm based out of Minneapolis Minnesota but will always travel anywhere you want to go. I specialize in Wedding, Birth, + Newborn photography and have a decent obsession with black and white imagery. Take a peek around and once you feel as though we are a good fit to work together, go ahead and send me an email! I look forward to meeting you!


Attending a workshop in the middle of CA, being roomies, sitting next to each other developing our websites and lending our laughter when needed is where I met Lexi. At that time she gushed about her baby girl, Julia, and her handsome and wonderful husband Michael but they were only names in a story line of someone else’s life, I didn’t know them but loved seeing her light up when she spoke of them. At this workshop we all stayed up way too late, had too many mimosas, and chowed down on In ‘n’ Out burger when we had a spare second to do so, we all became roommates by total chance and I’d like to think met at this workshop by fate.

Fast forward to a few months ago, there’s Lex, with her adorable pregnant belly on, all smiles and beauty radiating everywhere when we jokingly chat about me coming down to Indiana to shoot newborn photos and family photos for her. It was a running joke, half serious, half kidding I aired on the side of serious…..why? Because I crave adventure, and I love to travel and meet new faces in new places and consume cups of coffee the way your old aunt collected state spoons – it breathes new life into me and creativity into my veins. It wasn’t until I was sitting there Tuesday morning before I left to head back home that we realized that it was the anniversary (basically) of when we had met one another at that workshop together. As I drove back through the midwest, having conversations with my windshield finding my therapy in traveling alone I realized how great this wonderful life we all have is. Just one short year ago I met Lex, learned of her family her business, her heartbeat and what made her an exceptionally unique woman and in that year they have moved homes, added another to their family and have raised their children with grace and faith in tow. I can say that it was an absolute joy finally meeting Michael and Julia who I’d heard so much about and being able to see Lexi and meet their newborn Will for the very first time at 5 days old. Enjoy just SOME of the images from their lifestyle session – I had such a blast photographing these wonderful humans.

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